The job listing service of Santa Clara Valley Section has been maintained since 1988. These are ads for jobs available on the west coast, and are placed by the companies and, until October, 2014,  were paid for by them. We no longer charge for the ads. We publish them in our Newsletter, the Silicon Valley Chemist, and on our web site. In 2014, we ran 5 ads for 3 employers.
   Letters are mailed each month to potential advertisers with information of our service, and a copy of the Newsletter. These letters are sent to companies new to us as they come to our attention because of ACS members new to our Section, or through the media with stories of the companies' advances.
   Billings for ChemPloyment Abstracts in 2014 were $160. Each advertiser who lists a job with us is sent an invoice and a copy of the Newsletter or a copy of the page from the Newsletter containing their ad. Several advertisers are willing to accept electronic versions of the Newsletter or the page containing their ad.
   Although we no longer charges for these ads, we do reserve the right to review them for relevancy to chemistry and employment of chemists on the west coast.

Picture of ChemPloyment ad

The picture above, from the September, 2014 issue of the Silicon Valley Chemist,
shows the appearance of the ads. Normally, two ads would appear in the space above,
but we had only one ad that month, so we used the space for our Chemistry Quiz.

Liang Cao
ChemPloyment Director

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