2014 Summary of Activities

    Again in 2014, a printed directory of the Santa Clara Valley Section end-of-year membership was produced from the Section roster file downloaded from the ACS website in mid-January, 2014. This is the file that represents our membership for 2013.

    A Hewlett-Packard Laserjet 4 printer with a "Pro Collection" font cartridge was used. Programming was done in PowerBasic 3.20 (available from PowerBASIC, Inc., to read information from the roster file, make necessary file format conversions, select home or work address and phone number,  format the results column by column and page by page. It also puts page numbers and indication of the alphabetical  range of names on the page in alternating upper-left and upper-right corners. It then sends them to the printer. Program listings are available from the Section Secretary on request.

    There were exactly 2746 records in the 2014 database, 217 less than in 2012.

    The directory ran to 32 pages for the version supplied to most Executive Committee members (2 less than last year); the Chair and Secretary received more detailed ones which ran to 47 pages (3 less than last year).

         When this project was started in the late 1980's, roster files in electronic form were issued once per year, in February, on 5-1/4", 360-KB floppy disks. An annual printed directory was the only practical way to provide the roster information to the members of the Executive Committee. Today, Section rosters are updated monthly, and can be downloaded from the ACS national website. The Executive Committee members have indicated that making the roster information available to them via a password-protected area on the Section website would be preferable to using nearly two reams of paper needed to print 25 copies of the directory.
     However, even though not all Executive Committee members wanted or needed the information in printed form, a few (including myself) did, and so the project continues, although with many fewer printed copies.
--Karl Marhenke

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