Hospitality & Membership
    The primary function of this committee is to contact and welcome new members to the Section. New members are welcomed by letter and by listing their names in a monthly column in the newsletter. The letter contains a brief history of the section, an explanation of how they became a member of the section, and information of our activities and committees.  To encourage them to become active, we invite them to attend a dinner meeting or event as a guest of the Section. To encourage our new student members, we offer them free dinners each month. The Section continues to extend a 50% discount for the cost of the dinner to members who are currently looking for employment. The networking may help them in their job search. We have always discounted the dinner for our 50-year members.
          A part of the responsibility of this committee that has developed over the years is to arrange the locations and menus for the monthly dinner meetings. In 2014 we varied our dinner meeting venue somewhat. We had four dinner meetings in a central hotel, one at a community college, one jointly with the CA section at a theater in San Francisco, another at the San Francisco Exploratorium.   The annual Summer Awards, wine tasting, and catered picnic that is held on the Stanford campus is always our most popular event with about 75 attendees.

--Sally Peters

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