Interview Workshop

    The Student Interview Workshop, co-sponsored by the California Section, the Santa Clara Valley Section and the NorCal Section of AIChE, again conducted highly successful workshops in northern California.  This is the 10th year that we have conducted this workshop.  It consists of a short presentation on how to prepare for an interview and a demonstration mock interview for the students.  Then we break into small groups of students and two coaches, and each student is interviewed and critiqued.  The importance and opportunities offered by professional societies such as ACS and AIChE is also covered.

    In 2014, we conducted the program at the University of California at Davis where  eighteen students, mostly in Chemical  Engineering participated and at Stanford University, where 29 did.  The feedback was generally good.  Some of the participants comments are:

    1. "Loved the mock interviews. The questions asked were real eye opener! Tips were great!"

    2. "I thought it was very helpful talking to the representatives because although many of them were engineers, they were in very different areas.

    3. "The group sending feedback was very helpful to examine my own ability in interviewing skills and how to improve."

    4. "All of the coaches were extremely receptive to helping students. The most helpful part was the practice interviews, where critiques were given on interviewing skills."

    5. "I had no idea about job interviews so that now it becomes clear what there will be and what I should prepare."

    6. "The practice interview session was definitely most helpful. It was good to get feedback both from the coaches and my peers. I feel much more at ease about the interview process."

    This program is a collaboration between the Santa Clara Valley Local Section, the California Local section and the NorCal Section of AIChE.  The coaches included 4 ACS members and 3 AIChE members.

     --Natalie McClure

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