San Francisco National ACS Meeting
Local Section Activities

    The 2014 National Meeting was held August 10-14 in San Francisco, California at the Moscone Center.  The theme was “Chemistry & Global Stewardship.”  The National Meeting was a great opportunity for the two local Bay Area Sections, our Santa Clara Valley Section (SCVACS) and the California Section (CalACS), to work together and encourage member participation.  The general co-chairs for the joint local effort were Lee Latimer of the California Section and Brittany Westlake of the Santa Clara Valley Section.

    Before the National Meeting, the ACS and the Committee for Community Activities held at Outreach event for the public.  The event was held at the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose  on Saturday, August 9 from 10 am until 2 pm.  The event was a great opportunity for local children and families to experience chemistry.  Local sections helped spread the word about the event and reached out to their membership for volunteers.  In addition to the core ACS sponsored activities, members of the California Section had additional experiments for the extra-inquisitive visitors on the roof.

    In addition to volunteers for the Outreach event, the local sections also reached out to local colleges and universities for student volunteers.  This provides a great opportunity for area students to have a chance to help with and attend that National Meeting, who otherwise might not be able to attend.

    The local sections also used the National Meeting as an opportunity to highlight Bay Area chemists and section award winners.  Continuing an activity first done for the 2010 San Francisco National Meeting, the sections selected individual local chemists and created posters of their accomplishments.  These posters represent a wide variety of chemists, from Linus Pauling to Marinda Wu, and offer conference visitors the chance to see what Bay Area Chemists have accomplished in research and leadership for ACS.   We also use this as an opportunity to acknowledge the winners of our local section awards.  The posters were displayed in two locations, one set by the Hospitality Booth and a second set in the exhibition hall by the Green Chemistry break area.

    The Hospitality Booth was another local section activity at the National Meeting.  Local sections worked together to recruit volunteers to staff the booth and to provide helpful materials and a small token representative of San Francisco for visiting chemists.  One local section volunteer, a recent transplant to the Bay Area, even learned a thing or two from the Booth visitors – that Fortune Cookies were invented here in San Francisco!

    These events are, of course, just a sliver of ways that our local section members enjoyed the National Meeting.  Countless members attended the meeting and presented papers and posters.  Hosting a National Meeting in our “home-town” also provides a great opportunity for local students, who otherwise not be able to travel to attend, the opportunity to share their research and to meet with other chemists from all around the world.  We cannot wait for the next meeting in 2017!

--Brittany Westlake

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