Newsletter    The "Silicon Valley Chemist" is the newsletter for the Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Section of the American Chemical Society. This was its thirty fifth year of publication. The newsletter and the Section’s website are the primary communication links between members of the Section and its affiliates.

    The newsletters from 1999 to present are available on the website in PDF format, making them available for the general public as well as Section members. (Click here or on the picture itself to see the full sized version of the December, 2013 issue pictured at the left. Click here to see the index page where you can click on all issues back to January, 1999.)  This is the fourth year of distributing the newsletter by posting it in electronic format. The majority of our nearly 3000 members now receive an email during the first full week of each month informing them that the current edition of the newsletter is available for their viewing. We still mail a small number of paper copies to those members who request to receive printed copies (at no cost to the member). Electronic distribution has greatly reduced printing and mailing costs, allowing us to reallocate our resources to other programs.

     The newsletter typically provides information about the upcoming monthly speakers and dinner meetings, local section outreach activities, and a calendar of upcoming science events and activities in our local five-county area as well as statewide and nationally. The Chair’s Message is a featured monthly portion of the letter encouraging members to become involved in section and national activities and providing updated status reports regarding SCV Executive Committee deliberations and decisions. Annually there are reports regarding the Section’s award winners for the Harry and Carol Mosher Award, the Ottenberg Award, the Radding Award, and our new, first-in-the-nation Community College Teacher-Scholar Award. There are also summaries of our annual teacher events, the Chemistry Olympiad, and the Section’s National Chemistry Week activities.

    The ChemPloyment Abstract Bulletin also appears in every issue of the “Silicon Valley Chemist.” The ChemPloyment Abstracts have a standard format. We no longer charge a fee for ads of positions. Employers provide information about the latest chemistry related job opportunities at their companies. ChemPloyment Abstracts have become an important resource for chemists seeking employment in our area. Unfortunately, even though the economy has improved, the total number of these ads printed in 2014 is much less than it was a few years ago.

    Each issue also contains important contact information. The names of the Section officers, councilors and alternate councilors are listed as well as their telephone numbers, making the Executive Committee accessible to all members. The contact information for the ChemPloyment Abstracts Director, the Newsletter Editor, Associate Editor and our Public Relations chair are also featured.

    Highlights for 2014 included photos of our 50-, 60-, 65- and 75-year members and other awardees at our summer picnic.

Kevin Greenman, Editor
Partha P Bera, Associate Editor

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