Shirley B. Radding Award

The 2014 Shirley B. Radding Award accepted nominations without regard to geographic location of the nominee.  This was the Fourteenth year that the Award was open to all nominees.  As customary, the four criteria for the Award remained:

    Member of the American Chemical Society for more than twenty (20) years.
    Demonstrated dedicated and unselfish service to ACS members over a sustained period of time.   
    Provided leadership through elected and appointed ACS positions at local, regional and national levels.
    Made significant contributions to industrial, applied or academic chemistry.

The Award consists of an honorarium of $1000 and a suitably inscribed memento.

Previous Award Recipients are:
    1994  Shirley B. Radding. (deceased)
    1995  Dr. Agnes Ann Green (deceased)
    1996  John F. "Jack" Riley (deceased)
    1997  Howard M. Peters
    1998  Alan C. Nixon (deceased)
    1999  Valerie J. Kuck
    2000  Halley A. Merrell
    2001  Norman A. LeBel (deceased)
    2002  Paul H. L. Walter
    2003  Jean'ne M. Shreeve
    2004  Maureen G. Chan
    2005  Dr. Glenn Fuller
    2006  Dr. Janan M. Hayes
    2007  Merle I. Eiss
    2008  Dorothy J. Phillips
    2009  Dr. Bryan J. Balazs
    2010  Dr. Herbert Silber
    2011  Carol A. Duane
    2012  Bonnie Charpentier
    2013  Mamie W. Moy
The Radding Award Committee consisted of three Santa Clara Valley Local section members.  They are:
    Peter F. Rusch, Chair of the Radding Award Committee
    Charles D. Sullivan, ChemPloyment Abstracts former Director; and
    Ashley Piekarski, 2014 Chair-Elect of the Section.

    Continuity in the review and selection of the recipient is maintained through the efforts of two continuing members.  Interests of the membership are reflected in the rotating membership of the Chair or Chair-Elect.
    The policy of the Committee is to retain each nomination for three consecutive years.  During each of those years all of the new and retained nominations are thoroughly reviewed by the Committee meeting in person.  The Committee also has a policy of contacting each nominator and seconder as to the status of their nomination during each year it is considered.
    Nominations may be submitted along with seconding letters in printed copy by postal service or facsimile transmission or electronically to a special e-mail address maintained for that purpose.

The Call for Nominations is distributed annually in the following ways:

    Through a brochure mailed to all living recipients of the Award;
    By publication in the Santa Clara Valley Local Section newsletter for several months prior to the May 1 deadline for nominations;
    By publication in C & E News several months prior to the May 1 deadline for nominations;
    By distribution of copies of the printed Call for Nominations at the Spring ACS National Meeting.
    By distribution of the brochure at selected ACS events.

Lee H. Latimer is the 2014 Shirley B. Radding Award recipient.

Latimer Photo    Dr. Latimer has spent the bulk of his career working in pharmaceuticals with Eastman Kodak, Sterling-Winthrop and most recently over 15 years with Elan Pharmaceuticals in South San Francisco.  He is currently a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.  At Elan, he led medicinal chemistry, process chemistry and analytical chemistry groups working in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Multiple Sclerosis.  The medicinal chemistry work led to an advanced clinical compound for AD.  The process chemistry work led 5 compounds through synthesis development and GMP production for clinical trials.  He is a co-inventor on over 55 US patents and has over 25 publications and invited presentations.  He received his Ph.D. with Prof. Barry Trost at the University of Wisconsin.
     Dr. Latimer’s ACS activities have spanned over 30 years in 4 local sections and several divisions.  He served as Chair of the Rochester Section (1988) and the California Section (2004) where he currently is a member.  He has led and/or participated in many activities including program development, long range planning, National Chemistry Week, pre-college education, regional meetings, host committees for national meetings and golf tournaments.  As a Councilor and Alternate Councilor he has served on the Committee on Local Section Activities (Chair, 2010-2012), the Committee on Public Relations and Communications and is currently an elected member of the Council Policy Committee.  He is particularly proud of the development of partnership activities between sections in the Bay Area including the recent 2013 Western Regional Meeting (General Co-Chair), the Interview Skills Workshops, and the Chemists in the Community outreach at the 2006 San Francisco National Meeting.  He has received the California Section’s Walter Petersen Award for Service (2010) and the Rochester Section Award (1991).

Presentation of the Award
    In keeping with the plans of the Committee as adopted by the Executive Committee, Dr. Latimer was asked when and where he would like the presentation of his award to be made.
    It was our pleasure to have Dr. Latimer as our guest at our annual picnic and awards presentation held at the Stanford University Chemistry Department on July 19, 2014 where he was presented with a plaque and honorarium.
 Award presentation
Peter Rusch (right) presents the
2014 Radding Award to
Lee Latimer

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