Project SEED

    The Santa Clara Valley Section supported four project SEED students in 2014.    All four students joined the project RISE (Raising Interest in Science and Engineering)  internship program at Stanford University. This is  an intensive 7-week summer program for San Francisco Bay Area students interested in science, engineering, math, computer science, or psychology. Students spend 30 hours a week on the Stanford campus, working in an active research lab under the guidance of a mentor from the lab (typically a graduate student), and attending weekly group sessions that include field trips, presentations, hands-on science activities, and lab tours.  RISE is designed for bright low-income students and those who will be the first in their families to attend college.

    The 2014 Project SEED students worked with faculty from the Department of Chemistry,
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.  Their research programs are titled:

        Mentor Fernando Novoa, Project is “Adhesion of Interfaces in Solar Cells,” Intern Vi Le

        Mentor Yewchin Teo, Project is “Solubility of Dye Molecules,” Intern Maria Nguyen

        Mentor Emily Hollenbeck, Project is “The Kinetics of Biofilm Growth,” Intern Adela Palominos

        Mentor Nathan Luehr, Project is “Molecular Motion and Reactivity Simulation.” Intern Wilbur Shi

    Stanford’s program encourages students to return for a second summer when possible.  Two of our students, Vi Le and Maria Nguyen, were return interns.

Logia and Storm    In April, Stanford University honored Kaye Storm, Director of the Stanford RISE program as a recipient of their 2014 Community Partnership Award.  Natalie McClure, the ACS Santa Clara Valley representative was invited to attend and ACS funding was acknowledged at this event.  Alison Logia, a past Project SEED member and current graduate student supported by an ACS scholarship, gave a short speech outlining the impact that Project SEED, and the Stanford RISE program has made on her life.  

                                                                                                                                                                                     Alison Logia and Kaye Storm
        --Natalie MccClure

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