2014 Synopsys Championship
    The 54th annual Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair, the Synopsys Championship, was held Wednesday, March 12, at the San Jose Convention Center (http://sites.google.com/site/synopsyschampionship/).  As our regional competition, it showcased and celebrated over 1050 local 6th-12th grade students who will become our future scientists, engineers, technologists, and mathematicians.  While these students were supported by their parents, teachers/mentors, and schools, they performed and presented independent research that exceeded the bounds of their normal classroom studies.  So whether or not they were selected for the SCV-ACS awards or to represent Santa Clara County at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, they are all winners.

    The SCV-ACS special award team of Dr. Gary Bullard, Yvonne Duckett, Owen Gooding, Susan Oldham-Fritts (chair), and Mark Kent judged 281 incredible projects to select the winners of our two section awards:
        $650 First Place Individual Award: Audrey Caroline Cheng,, 10th grade, Gunn High School, for Novel Mechanism for Attachment of Peptides to Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
        $350 Second Place Individual Award: Avni Pravin Madhani, 8th grade, Challenger School -Sunnyvale, for Lye or Lime? Examining the Effect of Sodium Hydroxide and Calcium Hydroxide on the Pretreatment of Corn Husks in Ethanol Production

    In addition, our team judged for the Promethium Chapter of Iota Sigma Pi, the national honor society of women in chemistry.  We selected Ananya Karthik, 7th grade, Challenger School -Sunnyvale, for A Greener Cleaner: Investigating a Potential Biosorbent for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions as recipient of their $50 award.

Susan Oldham-Fritts and Mark Kent presented these awards on Sunday, April 6, at the Synopsys Championship Middle School and High School Award Ceremoniesat the Heritage Theater in Campbell.

Judges photo
Synopsys judges Yvonne Duckett, Dr. Gary Bullard,
Susan Oldham-Fritts (chair), Owen Gooding, and Mark Kent

    In addition to our special award judges, we’d like to thank the category award judges for volunteering their time and expertise.  We also extend our thanks to Dr. Art DeGeus, CEO of Synopsys, and also to Gary Robinson and Heidi Black of the Synopsys Outreach Foundation for their continuing generous support of local science students and their teachers.  Science fairs don’t happen without these committed students, teachers, judges, and sponsors.

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