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The Santa Clara Valley Section continued to maintain its presence on the web. The web site grows and continues to be updated. The local section uses the web for the following:
·    Dissemination of information to our members through web pages and posting of our newsletter, the Silicon Valley Chemist.
·    Informing our members and the public of our programs and meetings.
·    Using e-mail distribution lists for members and Executive Committee members.
·    Using web forms for meeting reservations.
·    Using web forms for submission of ChemPloyment ad information

Visitors and hit counts
The web site has continued to add functionality over the years. The number of visitors has increased from about 6,000 visitors a month to about 8,000 (Figure 1). The number of hits ranged from 12,000 to 18,000 per month (Figure 2).

Figure 1 

Figure 2 
Folder views
About 48% of the visitors to the site accessed the folder containing recent and past newsletters (Figure 3). The home folder (“/” and "Local_Folder") was accessed by about 40% of the visitors.
Figure 3

"Referrals" answers the question, "Where do people come from when accessing our site?" In 2014 most people accessed our site directly from a link on the web browser, i.e., "(no referral)" (Figure 4). Many also accessed the site through Google. People accessing our web site mainly used keywords that related to our URL (scvacs or scvacs.org) (Figure 5).

Figure 4

Figure 5
                                                                Figure 5: Top keywords

Many of our visitors accessed only one page (Figure 6), and then for only 10 seconds or less (Figure 7). This suggests that many of our visitors accessed our site and either were able to get information quickly, or realized they were at the wrong site.

Figure 6 

Figure 7 

Data taken using Urchin web analytics software.  Data for January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014.

Ean Warren

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